Pigment patterns are stunningly diverse. We aim to understand genes and cell behaviors underlying pattern formation, and how differentiation and morphogenesis evolve to generate species differences. We use zebrafish and its relatives, with recent work on interactions among pigment cell classes (and macrophages), long range signaling, and evolution of morphogenetic programs.




Neural crest derived stem cells have critical roles in development and homeostasis. We study genetic, cellular and endocrine mechanisms underlying establishment, maintenance and recruitment of these cells to particular lineages. On-going projects focus on normal development, regeneration, melanoma, and roles for thyroid hormone in specifying cell fate and morphogenesis.



Biologists still know remarkably little about why  organisms look the way they do. To better understand the mechanistic bases for adult form and how it evolves, we use the zebrafish larval-to-adult transformation. We published a normal table of postembryonic development and current efforts focus on  scale morphogenesis and patterning as well as controls of developmental progression.




Selected research

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Selected reviews

  • McMenamin SK, Chandless MN, Parichy DM. 2016. Chapter 18. Working with post-embryonic zebrafish. Methods in Cell Biology: The Zebrafish: Cellular and Developmental Biology Part B, 4th Edition 134:587–607. PDF
  • Parichy DM. 2015. Advancing biology through a deeper understanding of zebrafish ecology and evolution. eLife 4:05636.   PDF   WEB

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