This new award (NIH R35 GM122471, "Developmental origins and homeostatic mechanisms underlying adult phenotypes") will support integrative research on mechanisms of long-distance communication, genetic and cellular bases of pigment development and pigment pattern evolution, and hormonal controls of fate specification, homeostasis and melanoma susceptibility.

Provided by the National Institutes of General Medical Sciences through the Maximizing Investigators' Research Award (R35) program, this grant will give us unusual flexibility to explore new areas and go where the science takes us.

Lab awarded 5-year NIH MIRA grant

Lab awarded equipment supplement for next generation sequencing infrastructure

 To enable our ongoing single cell RNA-sequencing analyses of post-embryonic development in a variety of contexts, NIGMS has awarded the lab $225,000 in supplemental equipment funding that will be used to purchase our own Illumina NextSeq 550 sequencing platform to generate up to 800 million reads per run without having to wait on academic core facilities or commercial vendors. This instrument will greatly enhance genomics capabilities for developmental genetic and comparative analyses to answer a wide variety of questions.

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